Long-term wilderness survival

There are plenty of skilled and knowledgeable survival experts out there, but few have truly tested their abilities through multi-month experiences. I'm one of those few.

My survival philosophies are not man vs wild, or macho survival bs.

I focus instead on learning from the land, developing a survival mindset, and on skills/stuff that actually works in real survival.

Read my blog. Buy my survival book. Join one of our adventure-based survival courses. Or check out my recommended resources, gear, and store.

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  • Wilderness survival & adventure courses

    Trip-based courses with a wilderness living skills theme.

    Paddling, Backpacking. Snowshoeing.

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  • New book on long-term wilderness survival

    Survival guide with info on preparation, mindset, hunting, trapping, fishing, foraging, shelter building, health etc.

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  • Gear recommendations & Store

    Advice based on experience. Thoroughly tested suggestions for clothing, tools, shelter, and foraging.

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