Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide

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Take on the toughest survival challenges with the ultimate guide to wilderness living and extended wilderness survival.

With hard-earned advice from survival expert Juan Pablo Quiñonez—a participant in Season 9 of the hit TV survival series Alone— and combining proven, no-nonsense modern survival skills with bushcraft techniques, step-by-step instructions, and over 400 illustrations, Thrive shows you how to survive in the boreal wilderness.

Reflecting the latest in survival knowledge and gear and covering topics such as mental resilience and last-resort first aid techniques, Thrive is the definitive resource for all survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

From essential hunting and gathering techniques to advanced fire skills and strategies for coping with wilderness hazards, this complete guide includes:

  • Preparation: Hard-earned survival wisdom and preparation essentials, such as making a personal survival kit and choosing the right gear
  • Long-term shelters: Finding the best location, constructing an appropriate shelter, protecting yourself from the elements, and staying warm
  • Food: What to focus your hunting-gathering efforts on, where to find it, and how to prepare it
  • Self-sufficiency: Hunting, trapping, fishing, and foraging for subsistence—and surviving alone or as a group for an extended time
  • Bushcraft: Knife and axe skills, clay, basketry, knots, cordage, gear recommendations, and improvised tools
  • Winter: Traveling on snow and ice, tips for dealing with extreme cold, and clothing recommendations
  • Health: Preventing and dealing with the most common health issues in long-term survival

Thrive is bursting with survival tips, manual skills, foraging essentials, and advice on how to prepare, improvise, and survive in the northern wilderness.

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“Juan Pablo loves living outdoors and is obsessed by long-term wilderness survival with minimal kit and supplies. What makes his book refreshing is the attention to the importance of psychological preparation for long term periods of isolation. Thrive is a great balance of literary research done by a practical man who has walked the walk and learned his own lessons along the way. For anyone interested in living next to nature for more than a few weeks this is an essential read.” ED STAFFORD, explorer and first person to walk the Amazon

Thrive is not only superbly researched, but is written by someone who walks the talk and intimately knows the boreal forest. Whether you are a complete beginner or have years of wilderness living experience, Thrive is filled with unique insights, critical advice and detailed tips that will make a world of difference if you are trying to truly live off the land.” —NATHAN MARTINEZ, Naked and Afraid participant and author of Subsistence: A Guide For The Modern Hunter Gatherer

“The world is full of alleged survival experts. Juan Pablo is a man who truly deserves this title. He has trained and then tested his survival skills for extensively long periods in the brutal winters of Northern Canada. He has a scientific approach to the craft of wilderness survival that I admire. This book encompasses the skills and knowledge that took Juan Pablo years of experimentation, and field testing, in extreme environments to learn.” —DAVE HOLDER, wilderness living skills guide and instructor, and lead survival consultant for the Alone series

“There are a lot of books on survival out there, but Thrive is unique in its focus on true long-term wilderness living skills, not just ‘get out of a jam without dying’ skills. Thrive covers topics many books don't and will be a wonderful new addition, rounding out the survival literature considerably.” —WONIYA THIBEAULT, participant in two seasons of Alone and ancestral skills teacher

Thrive is the real thing, written by a man who has gone out to prove he could survive alone in a tough environment. The Canadian wilderness can be a tough traveling companion. Juan Pablo's skills and experience in surviving over the long-term in the Canadian wilderness shine through in this book from cover to cover. This book is part of my survival book library; I advise you to make it part of yours. —BRUCE ZAWALSKY, survival instructor and author of Canadian Wilderness Survival

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