survival books list

Survival books list

I did tons of reading for my new book Thrive and at the end of the book I list a selection of books that I used for reference. Not many survival books list references at the end, so I think my book has that nice bonus. But you'll have to get the book for the full list of references;)

I'll share some of the survival books I recommend in Thrive below.

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98.6 Degrees : The Art Of Keeping Your Ass Alive by Lundin, C. (2003)

Great fundamentals for short-term survival

The Survival Handbook : Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure by Towell, C. (2009)

Great classic-style survival manual

SAS Survival Handbook: for Any Climate in Any Situation by Wiseman, J. (2009)

Classic survival guide

Hawke’s Green Beret survival Manual by Hawke, M. (2009) Good survival manual with a slightly different perspective

Never Say Die : The Canadian Air Force Survival Manual by Canadian Air Force (1982)

Old-school Canadian survival manual

The Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine : for Outdoor Professionals and Rescue Specialists by Morissey, J. and Johnson, D. (2017)

Excellent WFA pocket book

Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine by Auerbach, P.S. (2013)

Good reference WMA book

Wilderness Medicine by Auerbach, P.S. (2007)

Incredibly comprehensive book on WFA

Northern Bushcraft by Kochanski, M. (1988)

Classic bushcraft book

Wildwood Wisdom by Jaeger, E. (1992)

Comprehensive bushcraft book

Bushcraft : The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness by Graves, R. (2013)

Bushcraft in Australia

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties by Beard, D.C. (1916)

Shelter building

Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living : Surviving with Nothing but Your Bare Hands and What You Find in the Woods by McPherson, J. and McPherson, G. (2008)

Primitive bushcraft

Essential Bushcraft : a Handbook of Survival Skills from around the World by Mears, R. (2003)

Survival and bushcraft

Out on the Land by Mears, R. and Fält, L. (2016)

Beautiful book on bushcraft

Survival Wisdom & Know-how : Everything You Need to Know to Subsist in the Wilderness by Stackpole Books (2007)

Survival and bushcraft Encyclopedia

Resilient : How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness by Hanson, R. and Hanson, F. (2018)

Mental resilience

Deep Survival : Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Gonzales, L. (2004)

Survival mindset

Fishing Basics : the Complete Illustrated Guide by Kugach, G. (1993)

Illustrated fishing book

The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game : Volume I Big Game by Rinella, S. (2015)

Hunting basics

Subsistence : a Guide for the Modern Hunter Gatherer : Hunting, Trapping, Fishing & Foraging for a Living in Central Texas by Martinez, N. (2012)

Subsistence in Texas

Indian Fishing : Early Methods on the Northwest Coast by Stewart, H. (1977)

Primitive fishing methods

A Snow Walker’s Companion : Winter Trail Skills from the Far North by Conover, G. and Conover, A. (1995)

Winter skills and gear

The Forager’s Harvest by Thayer, S. (2006)

Excellent book with a focus on a few staple edible plants

Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada by MacKinnon, A. (2014)

Plant field guide

Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples : Nutrition, Botany and Use by Kuhnlein, H.V. and Turner, N.J. (1991)

Plant uses and information

Boreal forest adaptations : the Northern Algonkians by Steegmann, A.T. (1983)

Boreal forest

Buckskin Revolution by Thibeault, W. (to be published)

Buckskin sewing

The Backpacker’s Handbook by Townsend, C. (2005)

Backpacking and outdoor clothes and equipment


Hello from the UK!

Huge congratulations for winning Alone and now for your new book. We were rooting for you since the beginning, your character and ethos were admirable. Buying your book from Amazon to show our support!




> Not many survival books list references at the end, so I think my book has that nice bonus.

Particularly liked your “tags” – the two letter references back to the chapters. I’m more familiar with the academic style of referencing, but because your chapters keep closely to the subject, the bracketed tags are really good for sharing your understanding as to where the referenced work “fits in” to the way you see and think about things.

The index is good. There’s obviously some thought gone into it, and it’s not just an export from the publishing software.

Be well, AG


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