Juan Pablo Quinonez 180 days in the wild

Juan Pablo Quiñonez is a survival specialist and outdoor professional with over 10 years of experience in outdoor recreation and survival. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership.

His outdoor and survival experiences include backpacking the entire Pacific Crest Trail (2650 mi) in 99 days; paddling over 1,500 miles during numerous whitewater and flatwater trips (including the Hayes River to Hudson Bay); living for six months in the wild with his partner, Jennifer Ford, foraging to complement their semi-starvation rations; and spending 100 days foraging in solitude during the boreal winter (supported only by small rations); and being a participant in Season 9 of the hit survival series Alone.

He is the author of Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide

Juan Pablo Alone season 9

Photo credit: Brendan George Ko/A+E

Juan Pablo, Alone Season 9

He loves adventure, enjoys type-2-fun activities, and is passionate about living off the land. He believes it’s important to practice and share the skills and wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, that strengthening a genuine connection to the land is key for resilience in these times of disruption and decline. He lives in Canada at the edge of the boreal forest.

Juan Pablo Quinonez