Alone Gear List



Here are the ten items I selected to bring on my survival journey to the remote wilderness in Labrador, Canada:

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Brand and model Rationale
Ferro rod 1/2" by 6" + carbide sharpener A 1/2" thick ferro rod is huge, but I didn't have to worry about using it up. The carbide sharpener was the scraper, but I used it mostly for field sharpening my axe and multi-tool.
Paracord 550 Type III MIL-C-5040 Parachute cord

Genuine military parachute cord has seven (3-strand) inner cords. These 3-strand inner cords perform much better for survival uses than the 2-strand inner cords found in commercial-grade paracord.

I took mostly orange cord, and some red, white, and green for fish lures and traps.

 2-quart pot Alpine Stowaway pot 1.5L This lightweight, stainless steel pot is wide instead of tall for versatile cooking, and has a long handle that won’t melt. In addition, it can be closed tightly for food or water storage.
Axe JP Paxe

Boreal forest year-round survival axe and ice chisel hybrid.

Fishing line and hooks Fly fishing hooks + fly fishing line + 20 lb test mono Only fly fishing was allowed. 20 lb mono is very resilient and can be used for cordage and ice fishing
Saw Tuff Camp Saw 30" + Bahco dry wood blade Lightweight, versatile, and very efficient due to its length. Easy to use for cutting firewood on a bucksaw. The dry wood blade is best for cutting dry firewood.
Bow and arrows Fleetwood Timber Ridge Takedown Recurve + Selway quiver + Black Eagle arrows + Grizzly broadheads + Hammer blunts

Takedown for easy transport to the field. Recurve for slightly better performance. Bow-mounted quiver keeps both bow and arrows as a single unit when hunting opportunistically.

High-viz carbon arrows.


Sleeping bag

Arctic expedition-grade Spiritwest synthetic + down hybrid

Also check out the Snowy Owl EX -60

Labrador can be moist and very cold, so I wanted a sleeping bag capable of offering lots of insulation while being able to manage condensation effectively.
Trapping wire 20 gage stainless steel wire + 22 gage bronze Stainless steel for snares and crafts and bronze for crafts (more malleable)
Multitool Leatherman G10 Charge Plus More versatile than a knife. It is small enough to be comfortable for long-periods of use, and the composite handles are much more comfortable in the cold.


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